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Gabriel's at The Ashbrooke Inn

This is a tribute to you

For you, dear Elizabeth,
No matter what happens in life,
No matter what is said in the world,
Always remember, you created this.
You bought two condemned buildings.
You had a beautiful vision.
You wanted a place where people would feel safe.
You wanted to feel safe. You wanted a home.
Most people don't know how Gabriel's started...how far it has come...
what it came from.. how far you have come.. or even who you are, do they?
So many faces and so much energy. It's all here.
The wood has absorbed every ounce.
It will give it back. The earth below remembers. The roots travel
under this entire property, everything is connected.
Sometimes people lose sight of what the true intention of Gabriel's was and is, and what needs to be preserved.
Under all the new paint and floors are the original boards that everyone wrote messages on back in 1978. Those messages hold incredible energy.

For the wood remembers who brought it back to life and didn't allow a demo crew to take it's life away. It remembers you. It always will.

Can't you look out the window and see....

Christina is still waving her arms telling you how "marvelous it looks darling". Laurel's van is still parked in the driveway.
John Paul is running all over the courtyard. Nestor is having his little parties in the common room with one bowl of chips.
Everyone is laughing in the back hot tub.
And you...you have to get back to the house at pooh corner by one

This is for you.

102 Bradford Street
Provincetown, MA 02657