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Gabriel's at The Ashbrooke Inn

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Gabriel's Gardens and Property

It's hard to believe all this is tucked away off busy Commercial Street.

At Gabriel's we have 6 levels of gardens and sitting areas. The furthest deck back is at the base of the Pilgrim Monument forest.

We welcome you to eat breakfast, sunbathe, read, sit by the evening fire or try and find the little people that help this garden grow, build stone rivers, and light up the trees at night! By the way, if you catch one in a jar, you get an entire free summer on us!

On with the show...

Gabriel's courtyard is surrounded by 4 historic buildings. Off the courtyard are many paths that lead you to quite a variety of destinations. For instance: barbecue areas, bird watching benches, back decks, the Bas-Relief Park next door, the ice machine, the Great Room, Carol's famous home-made cookies, the electric meters, your future, your past, the path with one set of footprints when I was carrying you... Sorry, I was caught in the moment!

The following are photos of our property during various seasons

We grow our own tomatoes and limes as well as a deck herb garden. We have a wonderful field of corn and some free-range chickens... alas; I never did catch a snap of them.

Deck swings! Golly gee, fun for the entire family!

Hey boys and girls, it's bird and animal watching time at Gabriel's!

Our back decks

Our property has two gates that lead right out to the Bas-Relief Park.

102 Bradford Street
Provincetown, MA 02657