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Gabriel's at The Ashbrooke Inn

Day of Arrival

Gabriel's has a state of the art reservation system!

(508) 487- 3232

That very number has been a link to a wonderful appointed holiday for over thirty years. This is where it begins.

That will get you Elizabeth or Elizabeth.

We are certain before you get off the phone you will have all your questions answered and your reservation all set!

If we find ourselves booked up for the time you are requiring, we pride ourselves on attempting to help you. Elizabeth Gabriel Brooke is the founder and president of the Women Innkeepers of Provincetown. We are a institution within the innkeepers with over 30 years experience and our networks dig deep. If we can't have you with us we want to make sure you find a place that we would want you to stay in!

Day of Arrival

How early can you check in?

The second you arrive in Provincetown you become our guest. We never want people leaving late in the day because of a check in time at 3pm. Please depart to Provincetown as soon as you can. If you arrive into town at 9am your first stop will be Gabriel’s. We will take your luggage and get you all set with parking. You can use the Great Room for morning coffee and juice and start your holiday! If you venture out to town or the beach we will call you on your cell phone the minute your room is ready. When you return, your luggage will have magically been transported to your room.

Traveling to us

Arrival: When you park and/or enter upon foot you will do so via the cobblestone driveway at Gabriel’s. You will see a short set of stairs in front of you and enter the office on the left. You will be checked in, given a small narrated tour of the property, arrival welcome note, and parking pass. Please be sure to let Elizabeth know which of the 8 languages she speaks you prefer your tour in! This will include the important things such as how to operate the steam unit in your shower, where the dinosaur bones were excavated, how many of the Pilgrims on the Mayflower were Elizabeth's descendants, and how to work the easy bake oven in your room. You will be shown to your room and presented with a key and parking pass.

Alternatively: You could pull in, open the door, nod a pleasant hello, grab your key and parking pass, and we’ll see you at breakfast!

Parking: Parking for an additional 10.00 per day is available with your stay at Gabriel’s. If you would like parking, a parking pass will be provided to you upon arrival. There are outdoor bike racks if you find yourself arriving on two wheels instead of four. All other parking will be directed towards the door marked... “Arrival upon shooting stars, hot air balloon, sea turtles and broomsticks.”

102 Bradford Street
Provincetown, MA 02657