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Gabriel's at The Ashbrooke Inn

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Tours and Amenities

e ec Mr. Pippin Ms. Potter tree

Our goal within this section is to provide you with the total experience of your stay with us at Gabrielís. Not all characters are based on anyone from literature, comic books, or the motion pictures; They are indeed real. Although, that is not to say, a book, comic strip, and or major motion movie will not be made of their lives!

Gabriel's at the Ashbrooke Inn & Gabriel's Condominiums

Our beautiful courtyard is surrounded by 4 historic buildings

oops, wrong courtyard...

Below is OUR property in sketch form.

Gabrielís is comprised of four historic buildings. We are located in the center of town at the base of the Pilgrim Monument bordering the Bas Relief Park. (To read more about the history of all four buildings please click our ďhistoryĒ link). Our courtyard is composed of multi-tiered decks, fountains, gardens, bar-b-que areas, paths to the park, outdoor fire pit, illuminated trees at nightfall, water slides, lollipop forests...okay, maybe there's not a water slide or a lollipop forest, but our new bathrooms in our new rooms have everything but a water slide!

We hope the links we have provided at the top of this page will help you get a feeling for what we try to create with our small haven in Provincetown.

About us: Well, besides being surrounded by a courtyard and having many paths ourselves, we love our little piece of Provincetown and we hope it shows. We truly strive to give you personal service while you are with us. More about us? Well, since you asked! We also love, anything cooked in curry, mermaids, (just by themselves, not cooked in curry), our vendors, our families, our friends, Rankin and Bass, our gardens, chocolate, Lily of the Valley, Sea Monkey's, our navigation system in the car, Croc shoes in assorted colors, our family trees, Ben and Jerry and their assorted flavored friends, our iPhone, the cello, puppy dog tails, cotton that is wrinkle free, wasabi, old Sears Christmas Wish Books, playing board games, winning at board games, Christina Davidson, lights on dimmers, road trips, taking pictures, (photographs, not off the walls of museums), and one could go on and on. Most of all we love laughter entwined in our day at all turns. Now, before you click, minimize, click and delete through the rest of the web site, please enjoy the following.

... One needs to imagine the theme of the Olympics being played in the background...

We bring you...

Scenes from this yearís Gingerbread Olympics, taking place in our Great Room,
just after breakfast. First the swimming event, then the diving event.

The swimmer received a 10.

The diver received an 8. As you can see he made a bit of a splash.

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