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Gabriel's at The Ashbrooke Inn

104 Bradford Street Time Line (continued ... )

This is the only picture in existence of the 6 women that put the 104 buildings back together.

They never stopped. These six women did everything. They are the brick and mortar of this guesthouse.

Some have since passed away...

One is working beside Jane Goodall in Africa, and one, well, she stayed at Gabriel's...

And we are very thankful she did!

Please click on the business cards below to view the guesthouse during that era.


Gabriel's, a living history would not be possible if not for the following individuals: Ronald and Kathleen White, Charlene White, Michael and Judy Czyoski, Gertrude Graham Smith, Terry Horowitz, The Town Hall of Provincetown, The Pilgrim Monument Archives, The Olde Post Card Shoppe, The Advocate Archives, King Hiram's Lodge Provincetown, The Ryder Family, Dr and Mrs William Davidson, Laurel Brooke, Deb Carapezza, Anne McCabe, Linda Major, Hope Valenti, Joe Clementi and Robin Kirby. And umm what's her name, oh yes, Elizabeth G Brooke of whom made this all possible.

102 Bradford Street
Provincetown, MA 02657