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Gabriel's at The Ashbrooke Inn

104 Bradford Street Time Line (continued ... )

Zen Center of the Outer Cape

Elizabeth Brooke offered her space in the 104A Common Room to function as the daily Zen Center for the Outer Cape.

"We the People"

This was an organization started by Elizabeth Brooke and John Thomas of Provincetown. This group was established to protect the historical dune shacks on the National Seashore. The town thought tearing them down would be an option at some point. As well as issues with the bike path and many other things happening within the seashore limits. Elizabeth and John formed "We the People", a committee established to protect the rights of buildings and paths that would otherwise not have had a voice. One can see the results of their work when out on the sea or on a dune tour. The historical dune shacks are still standing. As far as Elizabeth is concerned, they will always stand as long as nature, not man allows.

Winter Revenue

Things in the winter months began to change. She met with guest house owners, even outside the Women's Innkeepers to show the owners her winter business plan. It began to work and Provincetown's winter months were changed forever.

Kathy Garmus Options Magazine

"In Provincetown this women-owned inn is making a mark on the entire Cape tip’s tourist trade. While the 20 rooms at Gabriel’s are routinely filled during the summer tourist season, she has developed a workshop in the winter months which is bringing thousands to the Cape in a season which was never known as tourist heights. Gabriel’s was the first guesthouse that has kept their doors open all year and developed ideas to bring revenue not only to the guesthouse but the entire town of Provincetown."

The Cape Cod Times

"Gabriel Brooke was instrumental in raising Provincetown’s Winter Revenue. It hasn't dropped since. In 1995 Gabriel Brooke via Gabriel’s, was instrumental to the viable answer to Provincetown’s wintertime slump, which ranked it as one of the states “poorest” municipalities. In the summer of 1995, The Cape Codder announced that Provincetown’s wintertime profits were up a quarter. In the winter of 1995 Gabriel Brooke, via her Siren’s Workshop, the first such center in a women’s Inn in the country, spent $50,000 of her own money to promote the winter time workshops. Gabriel’s was cited in the Cape Codder as dispelling the myth that Provincetown closes up in the winter."

The Boston Globe
"Gabriel Brooke invests in Provincetown"

"Gabriel Brooke was one of the very first businesses to install a Title V upgraded Septic in Provincetown. Brooke who owns Gabriel’s Guest House, had vision of expanding her property to better accommodate education groups. With Brooke’s foresight she was able to open a workshop in the winter months in Provincetown. This venture has spurred other Guest Houses to remain open in the winter months as well as many restaurants. Brooke spent a half of a million dollars to facilitate this upgrade. Brooke’s expansion has already, as of the last count, brought over 100,000 inquiries from around the world."

Boston Magazine
"Gabriel Brooke brings the Internet to Provincetown"

"Gabriel Brooke was the first person in the town to design a website for Provincetown. She wanted to promote business in town and support the businesses already here. She started Provincetown Design Group out of her own home and the site today with many others jumping on the band wagon is the largest Provincetown website promoting business in town. Gabriel Brooke also had the foresight to buy the web domain www.02657.com for the town. When the tip of Cape Cod is looking for advice on websites, they will call Elizabeth Gabriel Brooke, the founder of the Internet for the outer cape"

102 Bradford Street
Provincetown, MA 02657