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Gabriel's at The Ashbrooke Inn

104 Bradford Street Time Line (continued ... )

A Mark Left by One

For millennia, women have left their mark on the world, at times changing the course of history and at other times influencing small but significant spheres of life.

Elizabeth Gabriel Brooke overcame the onlookers that said what she was doing couldn't be done. With each new vision came more doubters than supporters. The doubters gave her more energy to forge forward. Through determination and ingenuity she took this town that she called home and changed the economic structure in ways that no woman's footprints have before. Her journey in Provincetown has spanned over more than three decades. The stepping stones left on her path through this town are a tribute to her ability to never be stuck in what today had to offer, but to see beyond the horizon and grab the light of tomorrow.

The economy of Provincetown, how hasn't it been touched by her?

The Women Innkeepers of Provincetown

Back in the early 80's she looked at the guesthouses, numbering in the hundreds and decided to start The Women's Innkeepers. The mission of the Women Innkeepers of Provincetown is to promote, cultivate, and assist member innkeepers in business in Provincetown. The primary focus is to fill the guest accommodations through networking, group marketing, advertising, mutual referrals and sponsorship of events. In addition, they work to provide a quality Provincetown experience to visitors and support the local Provincetown community. The Women Innkeepers of Provincetown now have a emailing list of over 10,000 people. The Women Innkeepers are one of the largest organizations bringing visitors into town. Women's Week alone brings over 5,000 women into Provincetown each October. What used to be a month where stores and restaurants closed their doors due to lack of tourism, is now one of the largest economy boosters for the year. This spurred the public to realize Provincetown is not only beautiful in the summer but amazing in the fall as well. Elizabeth is still today the President of the Women Innkeepers of Provincetown.

Holly Folly

Yet another idea brought forward by the Women Innkeepers for the very slow month of December. This has now grown to an entire weekend filled with events and revenue for the town, no one ever thought was possible during the first weekend in December.

The Animal Welfare Committee

Started by Elizabeth in the hopes that the thousands of people that live and or visit with their dogs would have a safe environment for their beloved companion animals. The off leash law was fought for by Elizabeth at Town Meeting and finally granted. The database for rabies was designed and is still in use by the town from Elizabeth's foresight that this is needed for the safety of everyone. Groundbreaking for the Dog Park was born and fought for tirelessly from Elizabeth's conception for a town designated park where all dogs could run free. If one were to look around Provincetown and the doggie bag stations you would see her work in action. Elizabeth also purchased, designed and distributed the Wild Care donation boxes that one can see all over Cape Cod. These boxes continue to bring in thousands of dollars for Wild Care every year.

Continuing Education

The theory that people would come to Provincetown to participate in weekend or week long courses was started with Sirens Workshop. This was held only in the winter months. This again brought thousands of people into Provincetown in the slowest months of the year when people normally would hang a closed sign outside their shop. Since Sirens Workshops, many have followed with continuing education and the theory, once again, if you offer it, they will come... even in the winter.

102 Bradford Street
Provincetown, MA 02657