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Gabriel's at The Ashbrooke Inn

104 Bradford Street Time Line

3,000 to 2,000 BC The Wampanoag Tribe had settlements at the foot of the center hill. Center Hill is now called High Pole Hill.

1800's - 1900's Private Home with Stables in back owned by the Cook Family.

1930's Allen & Allen Plumbing Company was housed in the front. Out back they turned the stables into a garage to store their supplies.

1940's Provincetown Light and Power Company 1950's Cape & Vineyard Light Company

1960's Lighthouse Apartments owned by Mr. & Mrs. Edward Levy 1978 Gabriel Apartments

1978 Gabriel Apartments

The Lighthouse Apartments were run as a rooming house until the early 1970's. When the Levy's left the property, the buildings sat empty for almost 8 years. During this time, squatters took shelter in the abandoned spaces. The roof gave way to the elements and looked like a piece of Swiss cheese. Trees started to grow out of the house, angry epithets were scribbled on the walls in red. The two buildings were condemned, boarded up and ready for demolition.

One day, A FOR SALE sign appeared. Time passed. Then...

Enter, Gabriel Brooke, Laurel Wise, and Christina Davidson.

Soon another sign appeared: "Work here and get a place to live free"
And so it began...

Gabriel, Laurel, and Christina walked through the old home. Through the graffiti on the walls, holes in the roof, pieces of missing floor, staircase held up by a wing and a prayer, they heard whispers within the house.

This home ...

When in its original position 400 feet to the east, survived the fire that took the original Town Hall on top of High Pole Hill.

She remembered President Theodore Roosevelt pass by her front door to memorialize the corner stone of the monument up the hill.

She was proud to be chosen to move a bit to the west to make room for The Memorial Park and house its creator during the process.

Those walls saw the Cook family raise 10 children and saw 2 of the Cook children, set off to sea, never to return. Many people will claim one of the Cook daughters and small son still walk the halls of 104 to this day.

This home wanted to survive and continue...

And so, she was saved by an idea. These 3 incredible women started with one idea. They realized women needed a place..."for women by women". Gabriel's was created to fill a need in the women's community that did not previously exist anywhere. And so, Gabriel's was born.

And it is still growing. After Laurel and Christina turned the reins over to Gabriel Brooke in the first year, her amazing passion and vision took the next 29 years beyond anything imaginable. And it still is.

102 Bradford Street
Provincetown, MA 02657

Mildred Allen

Cape and Vineyard Light Company 104 Bradford Street

Irving Hobart McNayr

Provincetown Light and Power Company

Laurel Wise and Gabriel Brooke

Gabriel's Apartments

William and Christina

Gabriel's Apartments

Informal gatherings

Hot tub and sundeck in the center of town