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Gabriel's at The Ashbrooke Inn

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"...like being in a five star hotel."  Claude & Ghislain, Montreal, Canada

"At Gabrielís everything was designed for our comfort and leisure. From the moment we checked in, we felt our holiday was really beginning."  read more

"...home away from home..."  Lee & Betsy Williamson, Derby, CT

"Just a short note to tell you and your fabulous staff, that we had the time of our lives at your lovely place. From the moment we walked in we were met with a friendly smile and greeting and we were treated like royalty the whole time."   read more

"...the most relaxed Iíve been in nearly 20 years! Thank you for all your thoughtfulness. Staying at Gabriel's is an experience everyone should enjoy at least once, as a barometer for perfection!"  Lisa Alesci, Islip, New York.

"...Katie loved her stays at Gabriel's..."  Dr Jean, Bourne, MA

"Katie loved her visits to Gabriel's since she was the center of attention, something she craved all of her life. Unfortunately, she had to share my love/attention with other feline friends at home, and this was horrible to her. Alas, most of us learn that we must share, though Katie never caught on... but she did love her stays at Gabriel's."

"...Great games and trains at Gabriel's... and the cut-up fruit is not to be missed!!"  Esther Cull-Kahn, Cambridge, MA

"...A study in thoughtfulness"  Mary K & Kathy, Marston Mills, MA

"A stay at Gabrielís is a study in thoughtfulness. From the time you make your reservation until the time you check out, your every desire is taken care of. From the extraordinary appointed guest rooms, to the gardens and breakfast, there is an anticipation of your comfort before you even realize it yourself. During our many stays at Gabrielís, we have found the breakfast table a wonderful place to share yesterdayís adventures, relax, and enjoy the Elizabeth's and other guests. Shopping, restaurants, clubs, and Cape Cod Bay are a short walk away. We canít wait to return for another stay!"

"...fulfills a dream of ours..."  Gini, Alexandra, & Sue Lucarelli, Hudson, NY

"Staying at Gabriel's fulfills a dream of ours - having a home near the ocean in Provincetown. We always feel at home when we come to here because of the warm, friendly and caring atmosphere that envelops this fabulous establishment"


"We would like to thank the staff for their excellent help and service during the storm (Maybe the Emily Dickinson room should be renamed the unsinkable Molly Brown Room). We were both impressed with the decor, warmth and ambience created by Gabriel's. We had all the privacy and quiet anyone could ask for, yet the staff was always accessible and accommodating. It seems your advertising and descriptions fall short of the actual setting."
Nikki & Sue

"We would like to thank you all for a very beautiful and romantic place. Gabriel's is really the beginning of the rest of our lives. It is here at Gabriel's that we have committed ourselves to our future."
Melanie Stodard

"We can't wait to stay there again to experience the next adventure in one of your other rooms. Please thank the lady with the purple hair thank her for her undying energy and positive spirit. We enjoyed our conversation with her in our room on Monday. We will celebrate our 6th anniversary next year and will spend it at your place."
Denise & Robin

"You truly were an angel for us! We are so pleased to have found Gabriel's as
a home."
Kate & Carol

"This was better than we imagined. From the moment we were picked up at the airport, we knew we made the right decision on where to stay. The relaxed atmosphere allowed us to make lasting friendships with other guests as well."
Judy & Kris

"The best place to stay when you're in Provincetown! Excellent service from the wonderful staff! Especially the great service at breakfast time, personally made omelets any way you like them. We just love it! The rooms are each different from the others, so each time you stay at Gabriel's, it's a new experience! And we really did use those bikes they lent us!"
MsArtic, Lindesberg, Sweden

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