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Gabriel's at The Ashbrooke Inn

The Gabriel Apartments


Tucked in the corner of the courtyard is a wonderful old staircase that leads up to our common room. Here is where you will find a collection of women's books, couches, dining table, town information, large old fireplace and our continental breakfast. Off this common room are Katharine Hepburn, Virginia Woolf, and Lily Tomlin.

Common Room

Common Room Kitchen

Katharine Hepburn

2nd floor located off the Common Room. All hardwood floors, cassette tape player. 1 Double bed.

Virginia Woolf

2nd floor off the Common Room. Lime green shag rug, 10 inch black and white television. 1 Double Bed.

Lily Tomlin

2nd floor off the Common Room. Overlooks the courtyard and Bas Relief Park. This room can connect with #14, Renee Vivian. Lily has a 9 inch black and white television, vinyl faux brick floor, brown shag rug, beautiful hanging chandelier and two entrances. 1 Double bed.

102 Bradford Street
Provincetown, MA 02657