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Gabriel's at The Ashbrooke Inn

Little Gay

Norman Brooke Dix walked into the hospital where his third daughter was just born. Realizing he still didn't have a son to carry on the Dix name he held his daughter and said.... "Well, let's be gay" And Gay was born, Elizabeth Gay Brooke Dix.

Elizabeth, named after her mother's aunt. Brooke, a very old last name in the Dix family history.

In her older years she would drop the last name Dix and became Gay Brooke.

Gay ...turned into Gabriel.

Enter, Gabriel Brooke. Realizing Gabriel didn't feel right anymore, she took her birth name back Elizabeth; Elizabeth G. Brooke.

Although when she is out to lunch with her mother back in her home town and she will hear, "Is that little Gay?" She turns..... smiles and says.... "Yes it is, hello Mrs. Delafield."

102 Bradford Street
Provincetown, MA 02657