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Gabriel's at The Ashbrooke Inn

History of Gabriel's and Gabriel's Condominiums

A Provincetown, Massachusetts Bed & Breakfast

104 Bradford Street
or 104 Parallel Road until 1881
Provincetown, Ma 02657

104, which is now part of our Cape Cod inn, was built in the 1800s as a single family home. The main home was originally 400 feet to the east on Bradford Street, or Parallel Road, as it was then called. In the early 1800s, you would find one of the original school houses located two doors down, and the town bakery across the street.

When the Pilgrim Monument was built on top of High Pole Hill, plans were to create a park at the bottom of the hill with a large memorial dedicated to the signing of the Mayflower Compact and the election of John Carver as Governor of the group. The compact has been called "the first American Act in history" and a precursor to the Declaration of Independence, signed 156 years later. Cyrus Dallin was commissioned to create the memorial. Dallin had created such statues as the Last Ride of Paul Revere at The Old North Church in Boston and the Freedom Spirit that rests on top of the Philadelphia State House. The Bas Relief Park was now underway. With the town making way for the Memorial Park, the Ryder family offered land bordering the park, approximately 400 feet to the west to move 104, and so she was moved. The original stable behind 104 was torn down, and a new one was erected behind the present resting spot of 104, proudly beside the Pilgrim Memorial. Dallin stayed for a while in the 104 house while he was sketching and planning the Memorial to the Pilgrims. It was many years later that the Memorial was dedicated to the town of Provincetown. 104 stood and remained a very proud structure, knowing she moved over so this incredible and important piece of American history could be told. Anyone would know this...all you have to do is sit within her walls...and listen. There she sits at the base of the almost completed Pilgrim Monument in 1908. The house located to the right of this picture, the town bakery, was torn down when the town widened Ryder Street.

Again, showing 104 before she was moved.

What was then stables and garages is now 104A Bradford Street.

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Wampanoag Nation

Provincetown's first settlement dating back to 3,000 BC. Through markers and history we are told the Wampanoag's had a large settlement at the foot of the Center Hill.

Godfrey Ryder

Godfrey's father originally owned the property where 104 and 104A rests. The Ryder family owned all the property from Hill Pole Hill down across Bradford and Commercial to the water.

Allen Hinkley

Master Carpenter Built the 104 Bradford home down the bottom of High Pole Hill. Hinkley also built the 1st Provincetown School House.

William Cook

Lived in the house behind Town Hall on Bradford Street that was moved to create Monument Park.

William Cook's daughters


Arthur Bent

President, Provincetown Light and Power Company