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Gabriel's at The Ashbrooke Inn

The Gabriel Apartments


Cable TV, hot tub, and sun deck.  All in the center of town.

Welcome to our 1985 season!
We have a newly painted sign; we are now ...
Gabriel's Apartments & Guestrooms

We offer the same amenities as always with the addition of

color televisions with cable and even a room with a water bed!

Some of our room names have changed:

Isadora Duncan, (formerly Hazel Hawthorne)

Lizzie Bordon, (formerly Susan Glaspell)

Imogen Cunningham, (formerly Calamity Jane)

The Streisand Room, (formerly Ursula Leguin )

Emily Dickenson, (formerly Norma Rae)

Lillian Hellman, our water bed room, (formerly Catherine the Great)

Agatha Christie, brand new above the Common Room

Joan Armatrading, brand new above the Common Room

Our extra person charge has been increased to $10.

We still have the now famous hot tub. (As always, clothing is optional). Self-serve continental breakfast is included with your room rate. (Available in season only)

Agatha Christie

Billie Holiday

Back deck hot tub

We have state of the art bathrooms with new vinyl floors

Schedule of rates card circa 1985

102 Bradford Street
Provincetown, MA 02657