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Gabriel's at The Ashbrooke Inn

Pet Policy

These rooms are available for you and your companion animal
to share: Laurel, Susan, Colette, Christopher, and Hope.

Please read our Pet Policy carefully so
we are in agreement before your arrival.

  • Owners will be charged an additional $25.00 per night per pet.
  • For everyone's comfort, there is a limit of two (2) dogs you may bring.
  • Dogs must be well behaved and get along with humans and other canines.
  • Any damage done to rooms or other people on the premises by companion animals is the absolute responsibility of the pet's owner.
  • Pets that cause any disturbance (e.g.: barking, scratching), may not be left unattended and/or must stay with owners at all times. Pets, that goes for your owners too!
  • If companion animals are left unattended during daily servicing hours and appear to be protective of the room, it is understood that that room will not be serviced.
  • We ask if your companion animal is accustomed to lying on furniture such as beds, couches, etc., that you bring blankets or sheets to cover those areas. If you need a blanket provided, just let our office know.
  • Gabrielís reserves the right to terminate occupancy without refund if damage or disturbances or barking persists.
  • Gabrielís maintains a lovely garden area. Out of respect for other guests and our property, please don't forget to pick up the poop! We provide bags on the side of the 102 building.
  • If one of our pet-friendly rooms is not available, please contact KC's Animal Resort at 508-487-7900. There you can board your dog or cat and take them out during the day to the beach, town, etc.
  • Katherine Winkler Pet Care. Pet sitting, walking, overnights. Katherine is a certified veterinary technician with 28 years experience. 508-737-1663 or email petcarekatherine@comcast.net. web site: http://petcarekatherine.weebly.com
  • Maghi Geary of Provincetown Florist fame is available for dog sitting, walking and overnights anytime after 5:30pm. Maghi can be reached at 508-487-2047 (days) or 508-237-1090 (cell).
  • Melissa Jones, a long term Provincetown resident, of Happy Trails Dog Walks, offers dog walking or sitting. She can be reached at 508-487-4622 or melissajones6@comcast.net.

102 Bradford Street
Provincetown, MA 02657