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Gabriel's at The Ashbrooke Inn

102A renovations (continued ... )

Thank-you to everyone, we couldn't have done it without you.

Faith is an extraordinary seamstress. I wasn't kidding when I said every fabric was custom fit, and every pillow custom made! Not one store bought pillow or slipcover in the house.

Christie from Taqua Glass made all our custom stained glass in the rooms. It started out as a drawing in which we incorporated our Ashbrooke logo as well as the turtle you find in the bathrooms. Not only that, in the picture you see a page with our carpets, for the glass also is made to match the individual rooms carpet.

This is the crew from "Juniors". Junior is on the far left. What did they do, what didn't they do? Richie, (2nd from left), kept all Elizabeth Gabriel's lists in order which was a full time job in itself! He pretty much was the key organizer of the entire project during the end weeks. They are each wonderful and have driven almost the entire East Coast for Elizabeth Anne's family at some point in the last 17 years. They are reliable honorable men. Thank-you Junior's.

Herb, was Elizabeth Anne's side kick in decorating. Well, he was the decorator, perhaps she was his side kick! Herb owns Shor Home, in Provincetown.

Well, these are our guys Junior and Michael, or Mr. and Mr. Brooke. Each heading a crew on the site. What word would I choose to describe them on this job? Patient! Need I say more?

A closer look at Elizabeth Anne's swatches.

Being a great grand-daughter of Vogue paid off!

John from Felco Engineering who took the most important measurements!

A work of art. We decided to give this new home a name.

She is called... "The Ashbrooke Inn"

102 Bradford Street
Provincetown, MA 02657