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Gabriel's at The Ashbrooke Inn

102A Renovations


What was different about this renovation? Everyone working on this house became family. Our cook Carol made every worker sit down at the table each morning for breakfast. She made sure they had coffee and hot chocolate in the winter and lemonade in the summer. Lunch? Glad you asked! We all had a big lunch every Friday together in the Great Room.

During this renovation we laughed, screamed, threw things, tore up blue prints, cried a bit, had temper tantrums, took field trips to home shows, customized everything from pillows that matched Elizabeth Anne's grandmother's 1940's curtains, to supervising cutting of the granite for the countertops.

Both Elizabeth's decorated every inch of the rooms. They sat for weeks upon weeks with swatches and paint chips on room boards. It was an amazing 7 months! We all spent Christmas, Easter, Halloween and birthdays together.

It became and is a family forever.

We had our wood milled in western Massachusetts. We picked out the very wood we wanted and watched it milled. A bit controlling would you say? Everything had to be perfect. Even the old 1700 wood taken out of this house was re-milled.

Breakfast, lunch... Like I said, family.

Copper roof a must.

102 Bradford Street
Provincetown, MA 02657